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Up to this point the answer has been a matter of faith. But now we may be able to employ technology to explore ‘Near Death Experiences’ and finally come to a definitive answer to this most primary question.

Whether by scientific proof or faith, the next question is …

Why did GOD create this universe?

In fact, maybe GOD did not create this universe.

GOD could not be lonely in the way we understand loneliness. Rather, it makes more sense that GOD wants to share the 'JOY OF BEING' and thus via will, created a universe (this may or may not be the first) to be a vessel for all types of beings, including intelligent beings with the potential to become co-creators. Human beings have the potential by synergistically working together (maybe with other intelligent beings) to develop tools and skills to populate this universe with loving/caring beings and thus earn the key to create other universes, which then GOD can join in by willing their being inhabitants. Thus intelligent beings join in the creation process by creating the physical universe(s) and GOD wills the beings with the potential to expand the 'JOY OF BEING'.

So the question arises, are human beings the first or are we part of the greater continuum? And what happens if intelligent beings do not achieve GOD’S offering of co-creation?

Ted J. Albrecht

Last Updated: Thursday, May 21, 2015
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