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To: Photonics Spectra, Fax # (413) 442-3180, January 4, 2000


My thoughts regarding your call for the future of Photonics, in your December ‘99, ‘Photonics Spectra’ section.


The title does not apply to just information and computers, but to all use of electricity.

My vision is that optical fiber will replace copper for handling information and that optical computers will replace silicon/electronic computers by 2020 - 2030. It makes no sense to communicate information at the speed of light and then slow it down to process it via electrons.

At about 2050, the science of Photonics will have matured and begin focusing on replacing electricity, used for lighting--drive motors--any other electron usage, with photonic solutions. Additionally, all waste will be converted to recyclable atoms via photonic conversion. This includes purifying/recycling water. The goal is to connect all with a ‘light pipe’ that will replace: telephone wires; cable TV wire; electrical wires; water pipe; gas pipe; sanitary sewer pipe; and garbage trucks. I anticipate that new suburbs will be installing these capabilities by 2100 and advanced planning will be targeting cities for complete conversion by 2150.

Photonics will also enable the use of Hydrogen for powering photonic fuel cells for automobiles, airplanes and space vehicles.

All in all a very ‘green’ solution to make room/environment for billions more people and launch us on our way to populate the universe.

All of this is doable by starting with replacing the worn out socialist’s chiche’ - ‘Have A good Day’ with entrepreneurial


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