Make it a great day      


Hi Mom (d1988) and Dad (d1993) ...

How wonderful it is to be here with you again (visualize their faces). I pray all is well and that there is again a great gathering:

Grandmas & Grandpas, Aunts & uncles, Carol and the Abrecht & Chlupsky rivers of life;

Mom & Dad Burg, Wally, Johnny, Joe, Leo and the Burg & Jerusal rivers of live;

Neighbors, friends, co-workers, those you have touched and those who have touched you.

I pray that all will join with us on this side:

Mary; Allan; Billy; Greg, Julie, Jackie, Yiouni, & Conner; Doug & Shane; Rose; Melissa, Derrick & Isaiah; Jackie, Freddie & Lili; Deborah, Douglas & Kinsley; Vicki, Pantelis & Zoi; Michael, Jackie & Conor

Carl & Addie, Harry, Ronald & Arlene, Dennis & Carol and all of theirs;

Elaine and all of hers, Tommy;

Neighbors, Friends, and Co-Workers, those we have touched and those who have touched us.

I pray that in this great joining, that we:

Honor our Creator;

Work together to bring peace to this world;

And that we dedicate all our efforts to making this a loving universe, for all of those who are going to join us in this being of oneness with our Creator.

Peace and joy to each and everyone - past, present and future.

Born July 5,1933 living to July 5, 2083 and on to forever


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