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This scenario is in the research phase.

My current thinking regards Home Automation is that it will depend upon standards and intelligent server/router hierarchy (home(s), vehicle(s) and personal (smart card)), which will assist in managing/coordinating/integrating the following functions:


Electric, Gas, Water, Waste

All devices that use utilities can be monitored regarding their usage/cost, so you can decide what to use and when.


Heating, Cooling, Humidity, Odor

Each room/vehicle will have upper and lower limits. When a person is present, then its environmentals will be adjusted to their optimum comfort. The server will maintain a daily profile, monitor alarm clocks and calendars to anticipate environmental needs.


Access - Home(s) & Vehicles

Keys and pass words will be replaced by Voice Recognition, Finger Print, and an implanted Transponder for access. This and GPS will always know where you are.


Newspapers, Books, Magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, TV’s

All media will be electronic and transmitted to the home server based upon a ‘Broadquest’. Then distributed to the appropriate device.

Guided virtual interactive multimedia tours will augment in-person travel.


PC, Telephone, Cell phone, Fax

The “Info-Genie” will handle these functions. In addition, I foresee each person having just ‘one contact number’, replacing the many numbers needed today.


Clocks, Calendar, To-Do List

Coordinating family activities is a must. Completed ’To-Do List’ items will provide a permanent history of when things were done.


"Engagement Learning" (doing & learning fully integrated). Anywhere, just-in-time access to interactive multimedia “Knowledge Modules” will probably replace traditional (class room) education and training.


Food, All Personal/Household Items

Scan container's bar code when restock decided. Inform suppliers who will bid on price and delivery logistics. Use "Broadquest" for new items.


All Motorized Vehicles

Each vehicle will have an onboard server which will: be in constant contact with the home sever; provide perimeter collision avoidance; monitor driver (alcohol, drowsiness, drugs, anger, police chase, etc.) and vehicle ( MPG, tire ware/pressure, engine, transmission, cooling/heating, etc.) performance and perform emergency shut down when necessary; and keep 'black box' log.


Net Worth, Bill Pay, Investments, Budget, Taxes

All monetary inputs (direct deposits) and outputs (on-line bill payment, smart card) will be electronic and should replace cash and checks.

Monetary economy MAY BE replaced by computer facilitated Barter economy.


History, Weight, Nutrition, Exercise

The goal here is to provide motivation and monitoring to encourage a proactive holistic life style to promote a long/healthy/rewarding life.

By integrating information from various devices (scale, toilet, pace makers, exercise equipment, etc), we can provide a person and their health care provider with a comprehensive health view that promotes intelligent life style decisions. 


Last Updated: Sunday, April 10, 2005
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