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Ted Albrecht has over forty years of Data Processing experience, starting as a Tab Operator in 1952. Forty of those years were with 3M's corporate IT function. His specialty was Business Application Development, from Order Entry to Human Resource Systems. His last efforts at 3M were making mainframe data available to all 3M'ers via CD-ROM, LANS and Enterprise Server.

Ted earned the Certificate in Data Processing (CDP) from the Institute for Data Processing in February 1971. He completed St. Thomas's MINI MBA program in 1984. He has lectured at the U of M, Brown Institute, St. Thomas University, Control Data Institute, St. Cloud University and is on several speaker bureau lists.

Ted is a member of the World Futurists Society and is an active participant in their Minnesota Chapter. He presented his paper on the "Realization Economy" at the 1991 regional ( Twin Cities ) World Futurists convention ( 700+ participants ), and the 1993 national ( Washington, DC ) World Futurists convention ( 2000+ participants ), which both focused on 'Creating The Twenty First Century - Individual Responsibility'.

Ted envisions the emerging "Global Neural Network" will completely change all aspects of life. A true paradigm shift with CHOICE, PRIVATIZATION, COOPERATIVE VENTURING, INFORMATION NAVIGATION, and HOLISTIC LIVING as the key future opportunities. This will have a tremendous impact on careers, which Ted will address in his presentation.





To achieve excellence in any endeavor, there are three elements, that the very best employ to attain their:




Destiny Objective
Results Acceptance
Relationship (GOD &
People Centeredness) 


      MENTAL                                                                 PHYSICAL

   Commitment                                                                  Fitness
 Positive Attitude                                                            Nutrition
Result Vision (Legacy)                                                  Relaxation

To consistently produce results above and beyond expectations requires ability, but ability must be honed and using the above Holistic Living Triangle is very helpful.





Physical Well Being
Fitness - Live or Rust (see attached).
Nutrition - Two meals a day, apple a day.
Supplements: AM -Three grams Vitamin C;
                                50,000 Bata Carotene;
                                400 Vitamin E;
                                One Multi Vitamin;
                                25 drops of Hydroxygen
                        PM -Three grams Vitamin C;
                                50,000 Bata Carotene;
                                400 Vitamin E
Weight Control - Scale/Daily
Cleanliness - Shower (nails, wash cloth), teeth,
                     nose, ears,
Moderation - Even good things can be overdone.
Inner Well Being
Goals - If boats and planes have rudders, how
            about people
(see attached).
       God - God/Spirit investment is after living
       Self - Happiness is an inside job.
       Family, friends, co-workers, everyone/place
leave them a little better off  than  when
       you encountered them.
Financial - Quarterly Net Worth.
Music - Lifts the spirit, lightens the load.
Art - Window on humanities creativity.
Questioning - Not doubting or suspicious,
 continuing inquiry.

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